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Energy Breakfast

AED 29.50

Kids Meal

AED 35.00

Philly Steak Sandwich

AED 28.00

Pizza Meal

AED 38.00

Quiche Meal

AED 38.00

Salad Meal

AED 41.00

Salted French Toast

AED 19.00

Sandwich Meal

AED 40.00

Teriyaki Sandwich

AED 27.00

Zaatar and Cheese Manakish

AED 14.75

Arabic Breakfast

AED 44.25

English Breakfast

AED 49.50

French Family Basket

AED 59.00

Healthy Breakfast

AED 47.25

Arabic Bachelor Basket

AED 38.00

Continental Breakfast

AED 44.25

Fruit Salad

AED 20.00

Cheese Manakish

AED 14.75

Zaatar Manakish

AED 14.75

Margherita Pizza

AED 19.00AED 33.75

Supreme Pizza

AED 21.00AED 40.00

Chicken and Mushroom Pizza

AED 21.00AED 40.00

Vegetarian Pizza

AED 21.00AED 40.00

Caesar with Veal Bacon Salad

AED 29.00

Mexican Chicken Salad

AED 26.50

Orange Quinoa Salad

AED 28.00

Signature Salad

AED 30.00

Monte Cristo

AED 28.50

Mozzarella Tomato Basil Ciabatta Sandwich

AED 26.50

Poulet Au Cafe Sandwich

AED 28.00

Smoked Turkey Emmental Baguette Sandwich

AED 26.50

Vegan Caramelized Onion and Cheese Ciabatta

AED 28.50

BBLT Sandwich

AED 26.25

French Bakery Club in High Protein Bread

AED 28.50

Grilled Halloumi

AED 25.50

Mushroom Chicken Melt

AED 28.00

French Fries

AED 12.75